"Life is short; connect, do good, have fun!"

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Welcome to my vastly remodeled site!

Hi, I'm Jim!

"Connect, do good, have fun" is how I have come to live life and it has been deeply satisfying on many levels. I'm lucky to have experienced opportunities for personal growth, have hopefully had positive impacts, and participated in joyful and invigorating activities.

I invite you to explore the ten sections of my site to learn about my interests and activities and how they embody my motto. Then ask yourself:

  • Do you relate to some of these? Or is your interest piqued? If so, let's meet... I'm retired so have time for more friends now.

  • Are you a part of an organization looking for help with something along these lines? I may be able to volunteer (I live in Madison, Wisconsin).

  • Would you like to learn more? Check out the resources and subsections, which include several articles I wrote; please let me know if you have questions or feedback.


You can reach me in the following ways; email is the best:

  • Email: jimwink - madison <that 'a'-like symbol> yahoo.com (you'll need to type this address into your email program using the '@' symbol and no spaces; I'm trying to avoid SPAM).

  • Mobile: (Madison area code) - 3 3 4 - 7 2 5 1 (email or FB messenger preferred to texting).

  • Land line: 2 5 9 - 1 8 1 2 (area code 6 0 8 for both).

  • Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, & Zoom: Yes!

I use the pronouns he/him, though I'm also comfortable with my softer, more feminine side of the gender expression continuum.

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