Winkle Family Genealogy

Bob and Leila Winkle family

This page is about the family of Bob and Leila Winkle, who are my parents. They mostly lived at 550 N. 104th Street in Wauwatosa, WI, but started their married life in my mom's apartment at 1712 W. Greenleaf in Chicago and lived in the early 50's at 9319 W Adler. We moved my dad to Madison so I could help him with things and so he'd be safer... he fell three times in the last three years he lived alone, the last time breaking his hip and unable to move for four days.

The Parents

  • Robert Winkle 18-Dec-1924 - 4-Jun-2017 (92)

    • Married Leila on her birthday on 15-Mar-1952.

    • Accountant.

    • Died from kidney failure, indirectly related to cancer diagnosed in February, 1999.

  • Leila Winkle 15-Mar-1926 - 5-Mar-1997 (almost 71), also went by Lee.

    • Maiden name Leila Von Seggern.

    • Was the Valedictorian of her HS class and earned a scholarship to the University of Wisconsin. Sadly, she did not use this because her father didn't believe in education and would have never loaned her the money to attend college.

    • Stay-at-home mom when kids were young, account clerk at Milwaukee County Medical Complex later. Retired 1990 (64).

    • Died from cancer.

The Kids

  • Candace Winkle 7-Jul-19xx - present.

  • Wendy Winkle 23-Apr-1955 - 14-Oct-2003 (48). Died from cancer (identified in October, 2000). Here's an archived web site for her, including all of the email updates.

  • James Winkle 18-Dec-19xx - present, goes by Jim.

    • Born on dad's birthday.

The parents, kids,their spouses (one missing), and the only grandkid