Winkle Family Genealogy

JR and Eleanor Winkle family

This page is about the family of JR (James Rowley) and Eleanor Winkle, who are my great-grandparents. All of the sons and at least one daughter ended up in Canada in the Toronto area (in York County, some in Barrie, Ontario), except Edward (my grandfather) who ended up in the Chicago area. Since his siblings were so far away, there wasn't much face-to-face family contact.

The Parents

  • James Rowley Winkle 26-Jan-1861 - 9-May-1936 (75).
    • Born Watergate Street, Tunstall.
    • Married Eleanor in 1879.
    • Later known as JR; this is how he listed himself in the 1901 census.
    • Bricklayer.
  • Eleanor Winkle 1862 - 24-Feb-1940 (78), known also as Lena, Ellenor, Helen, etc.
    • Maiden name Eleanor Mountford.
    • Came to Canada with kids Nellie and Fred, but without JR, 19-Jun-1910, age 49 (on the Megantic),

The Kids

  • James Winkle 1880 - 1883 (3).
  • Martha Elizabeth Winkle 1881 - ?
    • Stayed in England.
    • Married Peter Machin (born 1881) in 1902 in England.
    • Re-married Eric Hill in 1925 I think, in England.
    • I couldn't find any kids from either of these marriages.
  • Harry Winkle 3-May-1883 - 6-Dec-1931 (48).
    • Came to Canada, 1905/6? (sometime before 1908).
    • Married Ellen Frances Penney (who was originally from England) on 6-Jun-1908. Ellen lived 6-Dec-1883 - 4-Dec-65 (81).
    • Daughter Ellen Winkle 10-Mar-1909 - 28-Sep-1970 (61).
    • Daughter Gladys Winkle 10-Aug-1918 - 15-Feb-2007 (88).
    • Daughter Grace Winkle born 17-Jul-19xx.
    • Lived at 811 Broadview Ave. (pictured at right in 2008) for 10 years, according to the death record.
    • Buried at St. John's Norway Cemetery in Toronto.
    • Plumber.
  • Elijah Winkle (later Edward) 12-Jun-1885 - Mar-1967 (81).
    • My grandfather, came to Canada 20-Jul-1906 then to the US (Chicago, Illinois) Jul-1909.
  • Sarah Annie Winkle 1887 - ?
    • Went by Annie.
    • Stayed in England.
    • Married Alfred Rushton 1909 in England.
    • Wilfred E. Rushton born 1920. He married Betty ______, and they had sons Robert and Steve. Leonard and Bonnie Winkle (my uncle and aunt) visited Betty Rushton in 1991.
    • Son Peter Rushton born 1921.
Harry and Ellen's home (right half), 811 Broadview Ave, Toronto
  • John Winkle 27-Nov-1889 - 6-Jan-1949 (59).
    • Married (in England) Minnie Elizabeth Delves 1910.
    • Came to Canada, year? (I'm guessing between 1910 and 1916).
    • Minnie lived from 1890 - 9-Apr-1916 (26). Died from heart disease. Buried at St. John's Norway Cemetery.
    • Son Harry Winkle 1912 - 5-Sep-1919 (7). Died from some sort of heart disease. Buried at St. John's Norway Cemetery.
    • Son John Edward Winkle, 1914 - May-1961.
    • Lived at 853 Eastern Ave with Minnie.
    • Married 1918 to Bertha Annie Maude Knee in Canada. Bertha lived 25-Jun-1892 - 13-Aug-1967 (75).
    • Daughter Bertha 1920 - Apr-2006.
    • Lived at 156 Kingston Ave with Bertha (pictured at right), just a few blocks from the cemetery.
    • Buried at St. John's Norway Cemetery. Gravestone reads "In loving memory of John Winkle. Beloved husband of Bertha Knee."
  • Joel Winkle (probably known as Joe later) 26-Jan-1892 - ?
    • Came to Canada Dec-1910 (through Halifax).
    • Visited US 21-Apr-1916 (with his mom), 4-Jul-1916, 24-Jul-1916, and 31-Jul-1946 (to visit friend William Rahtel (sp?) in Niagara Falls).
    • Registered for WWI in Niagara Falls, NY 1917-1918
    • Never married.
    • Electrician.
  • Eleanor Winkle Jan-ish-1900 - ?
    • Known later as "Nellie".
    • Came to Canada 19-Jun-1910 with Mom, age 10.
    • Married John Lennard Kenneth 8-Feb-1918 (her mom Eleanor and brother Harry were there).
    • Had baby Florence ?-Jul-1918 - 24-Aug-1918 (1 month). Interesting to note that the baby was given the last name of Winkle.
    • Re-married Harry Christopher Warren (born 1-Nov-1898) 24-Nov-1919.
    • Not yet sure if any other kids.
    • In 1946, lived at 175 Sherbourne St., Toronto, Ontario. This address no longer exists; apartments are there now.
John and Bertha lived at 156 Kingston Rd, Toronto
  • Fred Winkle 1903 - 16?-Apr-1973 (69).
    • Came to Canada 19-Jun-1910 with Mom, age 6.
    • Married May Neal 15-Apr-1926. May was born in Sussex England in 1903 to parents Frederick Neal and Minnie Mason. May died 1987.
    • Lived at 177 Carlaw and 987 Greenwood (pictured at right in 2008).
    • Occupation: Motion Picture Operator.
    • Fred had a son Leonard.
    • Three other sons Fred (lived in Toronto and had a son and daughter David and Lisa; Fred died 1975), Jack (lived in Toronto, died 1982) and Harry (lived at 196 Burton Ave #23A in Barrie in 1988, two daughters Carolyn and Diane from first marriage).
    • Eventually moved to Barrie.
    • He was cremated at St. John's Norway Cemetery, on the same receipt as his mom (he paid for both), but no sign of May.
Fred (and May's?) home, 987 Greenwood Ave, Toronto