Why I Prefer to Connect via Email

I prefer email over texting for a few reasons; here are two:

Using email to reach me means I can respond to timely messages very quickly, often within minutes. So if you're in a hurry to reach me, please email.

There are other reasons I prefer email: searching is better, no spam control for texting, better message organization, can have different addresses for different functions, and more.

However,  many people prefer texting. If we're friends and you have an iPhone, texting is fine because I can get those on my laptop, even if my phone is off or in airplane mode. If it's a message with lasting value, I still prefer email since it'll be easier to search for later if need be. 

One criticism of email I've heard is that it's more work to send an email. I get it... there's the subject, the salutation, the message, and the signature. For short messages, consider sending a blank email with your message as the subject. That's no more work than sending a text.

Organizational tip

I find filtering a very useful tool for email; it lets me prioritize email from individuals over email from lists/orgs. New emails from the latter can be sent to another folder. Notifications are only for email from individuals. I think you'll find this helpful, too; here's how to do it for Gmail and Yahoo mail.  

Contact info

Here's my contact info: