photo credit: Jon Wisbey

Deep conversations: More, please!

I like several types of conversations, but especially enjoy connecting with people through deep conversations. What enables us to converse at a deep level? For me, it helps if everyone has a chance to fully participate. I relish those interactions when people listen well (akin to active listening), and are curious and ask open-ended questions that help us get to know our topic and each other better. Deep conversations happen when we share and listen to understand and know each other, even when it might be more comfortable to stay on the surface. Here's an excellent (and short) article listing other things that enable us to have deep conversations.

Deep conversations seem easiest one-on-one, but if everyone is agreeable, they can happen in a group, too, and have the potential to go even deeper since there may be more knowledge and experience present.

Topics I like talking about include:

  • any topic on this site

  • how to improve ourselves (especially interpersonal relationship skills)

  • current events

  • urban planning

  • our purpose in life

  • what's new

  • what's old (that thing we talked about last time that's ongoing)

  • anything which interests you!

If some of these interest you, contact me; let's meet up and chat!