Winkle Family Genealogy

Edward and Julia Winkle family

This page is about the family of Edward and Julia Winkle, who are my grandparents.

The Parents

  • Elijah Winkle (later Edward) 12-Jun-1885 - 28-Mar-1967 (81).

    • Born Port Hill, Wolstanton, R.S.D.

    • Came to Canada 20-Jul-1906 .

    • Came to US Jul-1909 (to Chicago). Listed Harry in Toronto as closest relative.

    • See notes below for a possible reason Edward chose to move to the Chicago area.

    • On 12-Jun-1916 married Julie Mencel.

    • Registered for WWI 4-Sep-1918.

    • Changed his name from Elijah to Edward sometime between 1920 and 1930 US census (was still Elijah on my dad's birth certificate in 1924).

    • Owned house at 722 Oakton St., Evanston, IL (1920 census).

    • Built house in 1926 at 2621 Central Park Ave, Evanston, IL, valued at $359K in 2007.

    • Family moved to Walnut Avenue (1730?) in nearby Wilmette, renting out their own house to make a little money during the depression when Edward was unemployed.

    • Bob Winkle (my dad) remembered Edward visiting Canada around the year brother Harry died.

    • Brick Mason, at least for a time at P.R. Wells in Newton, Jasper, Iowa.

  • Julie (later Julia) Mencel, 15-Jul-1891 - 9-Apr-1983 (91)

    • Her parents were from what is now the Czech Republic.

Edward, Robert, and Julia, on Bob and Leila's wedding day. Gotta wonder what Edward was thinking... that look!

The Kids

  • Eleanor 10-Dec-1917 - 2012 (94).

  • Grace 8-Jan-1919 - 2000 (~80).

  • Marjorie 26-Apr-1921 - 1985 (64).

  • Lorraine 16-Mar-1923 - 8-Jun-2008 (85).

  • Robert 18-Dec-1924 - 4-Jun-2017 (92). My father.

  • Leonard 17-Nov-1926 - 19-Oct-2019 (92).


I discovered another Winkle family that lived in Chicago that is closely related! They were just 20 miles from where the Edward Winkle family settled in the Chicago area.

JR Winkle had an older brother John Winkle. John Winkle had a son John Robert Winkle, born 29-Aug-1881; he was a bricklayer in England. In 1906, John moved to Chicago. Edward and John R. Winkle were first cousins!

John lived there a few years before Edward moved there... this is likely the reason Edward moved there, especially considering they were both bricklayers! Interestingly, neither my dad nor Uncle Leonard have any knowledge of this family when they were growing up.

John and his wife Anna (born abt. 1881 in Ireland) were married in 1910 and had several kids:

  • Francis E. Winkle 1912 - ?

  • Robert J. Winkle 1913 - ?

  • Kathleen Winkle 1924 - ?

In 1920, they lived at 5126 Emerald St. in Chicago. In 1930, they lived at 5256 South Halsted (sp?) St. in Chicago.