A data center dashboard I designed which highlighted anomolies in our network and computers

Work: I'm a retired software engineer.

I programmed in Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C, Ada, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, and several shell and assembly languages throughout my career. I also wrote HTML for static web pages and crafted programs to generate dynamic web pages like this data center dashboard.

In reverse chronological order:

  • I worked at UW-Madison from 1990 to 2018. For the first 18 years, I managed a computing service for researchers and sometimes taught obscure computer courses (Perl, UNIX). The next 10 years I designed and implemented software tools to help us have more reliable computing services. Here's my slightly modified retirement letter with more info.

  • Before that, I worked at RR Software; I ported their Ada compiler to Intel's 80386 microprocessor on Windows and UNIX.

  • Before that, I worked at Amtelco where I wrote firmware for a communications board and helped OEM customers who purchased our computer boards.

  • I owned a tiny company called EventsGalore.net for 16 years.

  • During summers in college, I was a technician for a small company. I wired computers to CNC machines in machine shops in Ohio and Florida.