A pop-up art opening celebrating cultural diversity at Quann Community Garden. The exhibit featured photographs of gardeners alongside quotations about why gardening is important to them. 

Community: Let's build some!

But why?  Wikipedia's answer is "industrialized nations see the apparent loss of community ... as a key cause of social disintegration and the emergence of many harmful behaviors. They may see building community as a means to address perceived social inequality and injustice, individual and collective well-being, and the negative impacts of otherwise disconnected and/or marginalized individuals."

I am involved with community organizing to share important information, help accomplish desireable and shared goals, and simply to help people in community get to know one another. I've learned a lot about building community including how to facilitate meetings, deal with difficult situations, and encourage positive interactions by having civil discourse.

I also enjoy being on the "receiving" end when others are building community.